Something Swell on Saturday

img_0448The 3:30 Project is a collaborative blog by three life-long friends: Maggie, Mary Margaret and Jillian. On Saturdays, Mary Margaret posts something from the week that made her smile.

Some of you may have watched our our special video blog post from Maggie’s birthday, in which we made our true confession of the time the three of us got locked in the library after hours while working on a school project (We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this important message.). If you missed it, watch it now if you need a laugh! Today I decided to visit the library after hours in a totally legitimate way by attending a very special event at the Brooklyn Public Library: The Night of Philosophy and Ideas! It is a twelve-hour overnight session of speakers, performances, and events at my library! I won’t make it all night, but I do get to be at the library in the wee hours, so my book-loving heart is completely thrilled!

At the library right now as I post, and it’s almost midnight and I’m  watching a modern dance piece!