Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

During certain seasons and experiences in my life, I’ve gotten a real sense that there was a lesson that life was trying to share with me.  One of life’s lessons for this season in my life is:

There are downsides to just about everything.

I’m really prone to thinking, “If I only made had this new gadget/this much money/a new place to live/a different car/more time for this/someone to do that/etc., that would solve all my problems.”

And you know, I may be right. It’s possible that this “missing puzzle piece” would solve a lot of problems or issues in my life that are currently out of balance and causing me frustration. But, the reality is, any solution will bring along with it new problems of its own. A new job, relationship, puppy, house, car, planner, elected official – There is a fresh opportunity with these new things and people, but when the dust settles, you’ll either have new and different problems, or the problems you had before will resurface.

The reason I find this motivating is because if I recognize that there are downsides to everything, it helps me slow down and realize that maybe I just need to get into my problems rather than try to get out of them. Or if I decide to try a new approach, a new gadget or some other new thing, I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t solve all of my problems. To me this has been a liberating realization, and I hope it helps you, too!


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