Triangle Tuesday

Maggie, Jillian, and Mary Margaret are fond of saying that anywhere we are, we form a triangle with one another. It’s just our way of saying we are connected- always. On Tuesdays we’ll present some of the triangles we encounter in our world! 

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Today for Triangle Tuesday, on this day that we celebrate love, I wanted to invite you to participate in a quick bit of mindful visual meditation.

Sit somewhere quiet, and close your eyes. No wait, open them back up! Read through the end of the post. Then close them again.

Think of someone you love. Someone who fills you with warm, fuzzy, affectionate feelings. Someone who would do anything for- who you love deeply and unconditionally.  Now imagine a connecting line running from you to that person, a line representing the good things you hope for that person, and all the kindness you can give that individual.

Now think of someone else. Someone in your life that fills you with a sense of irritation, anger- even animosity. Someone who’s voice, presence, and actions drive you crazy or set your teeth on edge. Someone who is difficult to love.

Now slowly draw out the line of love you made between your dear loved one and this new person, forming a little mental love triangle (a new kind of love triangle!). You’ve now expanded and created an open space connecting all that kindness, caring, and hopeful intentions you feel with your beloved person to your challenging person.

The truth is, we don’t have to like someone to display love to them. So this Valentine’s Day I encourage us all to reside for a moment in a love triangle. Love the people in your life that give you life, that are easy to love. But also, let’s think about the people who are not so easy to love, but that we are called to love nonetheless.