Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

This weekend, I watched the movie Trolls for the first time. I’ll be honest, this was a movie based on a toy and 80s music, so my expectations were low.

But wow, I was impressed.

I not-so-secretly love children’s movies because in children’s movies we highlight our best ideals. We want our children to know that stories have happy endings, and we want them to learn to be loving, accepting, kind and (as we see in Trolls) happy.

(Spoiler alert)

This is a clip from one of the most beautiful moments in the movie, the Trolls have no reason to be hopeful and all the good that Princess Poppy (the pink troll) set out to do has turned around and gotten way worse instead. At this moment, her curmudgeonly companion, Branch, sings to her to encourage her to cling to her hope and happiness, even in the face of despair.

I think of myself as an incurable optimist, but sometimes, I do feel like I’m trapped in a pot with everyone I care for and am about to be eaten by the Bergens. I would like to think that even in that moment, there is still a reason to be hopeful, to cling to love and cherish happiness. Because, as the movie says, happiness is something you can give yourself not something you take from others.


Have a great week!