Something Swell on Saturday

The 3:30 Project is a collaborative blog by three life-long friends: Maggie, Mary Margaret and Jillian. On Saturdays, Mary Margaret plans to post something from the week that made her smile.

This week, a good reminder from another one of my favorite podcasts that humans have a tendency to overly weigh the negative in our life while brushing quickly past the advantages we have and good things that occur- to the detriment of our health, mental well-being, and ability to extend compassion. It’s only a half hour episode, and totally worth listening to!

Freakonomics Radio: “Why is My Life So Hard”

Harkening back to my Lenten reflections on wilderness: I think we too often end up like the ancient Israelites in the desert wilderness after fleeing Egypt. We end up grumbling about the sun and heat…though meanwhile, perhaps we have also escaped a form of slavery, have manna from the sky, water from rocks, a pillar of fire or a cloud guiding us through our wilderness? Let’s try and linger a little longer with those blessings this week.