Something Swell on Saturday

The 3:30 Project is a collaborative blog by three life-long friends: Maggie, Mary Margaret and Jillian. On Saturdays, Mary Margaret plans to post something from the week that made her smile.

I am resisting the urge to only repost the 3:30 Video It’s 3:30 Day! that Jillian edited together of us talking about our friendship, although that certainly is something that made me smile this week…And smile and smile.  I felt so awkward making the video all by myself to upload and send to Jillian, but watching it edited together was a completely different experience. It was affirming and joyful to see and hear the voices of my friends, speaking of our shared history and memory.

On the theme of videos, and on supporting creative collaborations between friends, I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce you to my roommate’s web series that she creates with her friend, Elizabeth! Laura is an amazing roommate, talented writer and actress, and I’m truly blessed that she came to live at Parade Place with me. April 1 is our lease renewal anniversary, woohoo! So to celebrate her, I urge you to check out her web series, Temporarily. Become a subscriber! Here’s the link to her most recent episode, but really you should just go back and start at the beginning!