Motivation Monday

These days, I watch animated movies almost exclusively. One of the treats of buying the DVD for a movie like Disney’s Moana is the bonus features – like this short film, “Inner Workings.”


This film is adorable and has a wonderful message about filling your days with things that bring you life.

The protagonist (and most of us) starts his day with this idea that you can either have fun and be happy or be successful and make money. I think a lot of us have this false idea in our head that we can either be successful or happy, but not both.

Spoiler Alert

In the end of the short, the guy takes a lunch break and really enjoys himself – he gets out of his rut and does a few things he really enjoys – swims in the ocean, asks a girl out on a date, and eats a decadent meal. Then, he brings that energy and enthusiasm back to his work day and the whole office is transformed with life and energy.

I think we all struggle with the idea that we have to have separate compartments in our lives – that our responsibilities are an arduous burden and our interests and passions are frivolous wastes of time. I think there are many paths to success in any life, but I hope that you find a way to bring passion, enjoyment and engagement to your work so that it honors your heart!