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You shouldn’t always do the opposite of a bad thing

There are some people in my life, and I’m sure you have them too, that I refer to as “reverse barometers.” These are people – whether it’s a manager at work, government official, distant relative, etc. – with whom you want to share nothing in common.

It’s tempting to think to yourself, “if so-and-so does this, then the best course of action is to do the exact opposite.”

Unfortunately, that is usually not the case.

What I have found over and over again is that the “reverse barometers” in my life are not doing everything wrong. Sometimes they have a tone, an attitude, an approach that is ineffective, but doing the opposite does not guarantee a good result.

I took a driving class once, and we had the opportunity to practice driving on a course that simulated hydroplaning, obstacles on the road, and other dangers you might see on the road. And one of the big things I took away from that class was that you shouldn’t overcorrect in your car. It’s dangerous and jarring.

In your life and leadership style – whether you’re a parent, a friend, a manager, or some other sort of leader – I believe that you’ll find that gentle course corrections are smoother, easier to maintain and more effective. This can be hard to do because we often have strong feelings about the “reverse barometers” in our life. But, I think it’s helpful – for our souls and for our actions – to give them a little grace, and not assume that EVERYTHING they do is wrong.

So, this week, I invite you to look at a frustrating leader in your life or experience, and see if you can decide what about their approach you think you could tweak or modify to make it more effective. A small tweak can lead to a big change!

Have a great week!

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