Something Swell on Saturday

The 3:30 Project is a collaborative blog by three life-long friends: Maggie, Mary Margaret and Jillian. On Saturdays, Mary Margaret plans to post something from the week that made her smile.

A week where it was hard to pick which thing to share today- What a blessing of a problem to have. Undoubtedly there continue to be constantly discouraging things in the news, on top of loved ones in my life who are currently dealing with really difficult circumstances;  and always there are the general ups and downs of day to day life. But for all of that, thank you God for your persistent reminders of goodness in our world. This week I got to celebrate a friend’s birthday with her, open a play at my new job, catch up with several other friends, and enjoy some beautiful summer weather! But I’ll leave you with a smile-worthy poster I happened to see on the train platform the day of the NYC Pride Parade.

As my Mom always told me- Hate is a very strong word. Here’s a service advisory: There’s no time or place or occasion for hate. Now go forth and love!