The three thirty project is a collaborative blog by three friends: Mary Margaret, Jillian and Maggie. We grew up together in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia and since then our lives have taken us in different directions. Mary Margaret is a freelance costume technician working on and off-Broadway in New York City; after starting out her career in communications, Jillian is re-training to work in computer programming in the Atlanta area, and Maggie owns and operates a family Martial Arts academy with her husband on Florida’s Space Coast.

Our lives have taken us to an enormous metropolis, a busy suburb and a quiet small town. Our communities experience the news and events of our days in varied, often complicated ways. We hope to explore these dynamic differences both individually and together, giving voice to the large and small issues of our lives, thereby shedding light on the idea that there are more than two perspectives on most issues we face and that millennials have just as multitudinous and unique an experience as any other generation of Americans.

Why 3:30? Most simply, there are three of us, and we are all turning 30 this year. We’ve also always joked that no matter where life takes us, we always form a triangle. Then there is 3:30 as a time of day, AM or PM; what really happens then? We’d say it’s a nebulous thinking time-sometimes a dreaming time-but overall a perfect time to be still, fall down that rabbit hole of thought, use your words, contemplate.

Thank you for joining us!